About Us

The Blockchain Institute at the University of Kansas 

Michael Catt – President, Executive Student Director

Michael Catt is the Founder of the KU Blockchain Institute and is in his final year of undergraduate studies earning a degree in Business Analytics. While managing a personal alternative investment fund, Michael develops blockchain education material and researches the implications and applications of public blockchain technology.

Jack Schraad – Vice President, Student Director

Jack Schraad is a junior majoring in Business Analytics. He previously interned in the District Office of Rep. David Schweikert (AZ-06) in Scottsdale, AZ. This last summer he worked for DCI Group, a public affairs firm in Washington, DC. His background in policy and governmental affairs leads him to a directing role in Law & Policy for the Institute. Jack enjoys reading and lifting medium sized weight in his free time.

Daniel Jones – Student Director of Business

Daniel Jones is a junior, working towards a bachelors degree in Supply Chain Management and Finance. Daniel serves as the Student Director of Business Operations for the Institute and the Vice President of the Supply Chain Management Club. He is passionate about networking with industry professionals and connecting students to great opportunities.

Nathan Nichols – Student Director of Engineering

Nathan Nichols is the Student Director of Engineering at the KU Blockchain Institute and is a Sophomore in Computer Engineering. Nathan is in charge of development initiatives, especially smart contracts.

Rithwick Chary – Director of Branding and Marketing

Rithwick Chary is the Director of Branding & Marketing at the KU Blockchain Institute and is in currently studying Strategic Communications and Business.


Qiuhan is a junior majoring in Marketing. Qiuhan leads the International Business Development at KU Blockchain Institute. He is proficient in Chinese language, and able to conduct business in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and China. Qiuhan’s success formula for International Business: 40% Execution | 40% Understanding Cultural Understanding | 15% Determination | 5% Strategy.