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About Us

Emma Nasseri – President

Emma Nasseri is a Senior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Visual Arts. She has been involved with the KU Blockchain Institute since 2021 and is so grateful for the learning opportunities and welcoming community that KUBI has offered. Emma is hopeful about a decentralized future and is specifically interested in DAOs and NFTs. She believes blockchain has the power to make technology more just and equitable for all.

Johnathon Lemons – VP of Business

Johnathon is a Junior studying Finance. Johnathon believes blockchain technology has the potential to completely revolutionize the way we conduct any sort of transaction. Blockchain can provide greater power to the individual and act as an open-source for change in the world. The use-cases for blockchain, as of now, are limitless and Johnathon is excited to see what will be utilized by society. In 2021, Johnathon attended his first KUBI meeting and hasn’t looked back since. In his free time, he enjoys riding his scooter and spends too much time on Twitter.

Hudson Headley – VP of Engineering

Hudson Headley is a Senior studying Applied Computing with a focus in Economics.

Cameron Denton – Director of Research & Education 

Cameron Denton is a Senior studying Applied Computing with a focus in Economics.

Tej Gumaste – Director of Development

Tej Gumaste is a Sophomore studying Computer Science and Mathematics.