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About Us

Rhett Phillips – President

Rhett Phillips is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering. Rhett believes blockchain technology has the potential to completely evolve the way we secure, trace, and record transactions. Much like the internet connected the world, blockchain will open up doors that empower consumers like never before. In 2018, Rhett built his first cryptocurrency mining rig and hasn’t looked back since. In his free time he enjoys HODLing ETH and paying too much for coffee.

Aydan Smith – Vice President

Aydan Smith is a sophmore studying computer science. Aydan is excited by the expansion of industry usage of blockchain outside of the finance industry. He believes that blockchain can provide a more secure system with higher traceability for tracking transactions along with the exchange of data. Aydan currently works for an investment firm in Boston, Massachusetts where he has been able to learn more about cryptocurrency and the finance industry. 

Edmond Cheung – Director of Research & Development 

Edmond Cheung is a senior studying Information Systems, Business Analytics, and a minor in Supply Chain Management. Edmond knows that in many applications, blockchain is proven to be better at storing information than a traditional database is, especially in supply chain and logistics applications. Edmond works as a Research Assistant for the Trade War Lab in the Institute for Policy and Social Research and is interested in researching the use of blockchain technology for food traceability.

Kati Ballentine – Director of Marketing

Kati Ballentine is a senior studying Marketing and French. Kati understands that blockchain has the ability to educate and better individuals’ lives through tracking information and utilizing it in the business world. Kati works at a barista in her freetime and sees blockchain as the future for tracing coffee bean origination. She believes blockchain can be used in everyday life more than we think and is applicable to almost anything. Kati will be interning this summer for Horizon Therapeutics for medical marketing.

Grant Henry Headshot
Grant Henry – Director of Internal Operations

Grant Henry is a senior studying Computer Science and Economics. Grant foresees blockchain’s idea of sending critical data across the world, both with the speed of light and with absolute precision, as something that will surely challenge the conventional methods we’ve relied upon to solve the world’s problems. Grant interned with a financial institution located in Kansas City this summer where he got to see what the future has in store for financial services and the transferring of funds to both individuals and companies across the United States.

Parker Ramirez Headshot
Parker Ramirez – Director of External Operations

Parker Ramirez is a senior studying Chemical Engineering. Parker came to understand blockchain has many applications beyond the financial sector. With our increasing dependence on technology he believes that blockchain is the future of how we will exchange and share information. Parker predicts blockchain will be used in the future to track pharmaceuticals and the spread of viruses to ensure a safer society.