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About Us

Johnathon Lemons – President

Johnathon is a Freshman studying Finance. Johnathon believes blockchain technology has the potential to completely revolutionize the way we conduct any sort of transaction. Blockchain can provide greater power to the individual and act as an open-source for change in the world. The use-cases for blockchain, as of now, are limitless and Johnathon is excited to see what will be utilized by society. In 2021, Johnathon attended his first KUBI meeting and hasn’t looked back since. In his free time, he enjoys riding his scooter and spends too much time on Twitter.

Tony Czajka – Vice President

Tony Czajka is a sophomore studying computer science. Tony believes blockchain has tons of potential in many areas including, but not limited to, decentralized finance, supply chains, medical records, proving ownership of physical things (houses/cars etc), and the development of the “Metaverse”. He is especially interested in exploring the integrations between blockchain and Virtual / Augmented Reality. In his free time you can find him hitting the gym and buying Solana NFT’s. After college Tony hopes to work for a company implementing blockchain technology.

Morgan Bergen
Morgan Bergen – Director of Education

Morgan Bergen is a Junior studying Computer Science.  Morgan believes that if the internet was all about the duplication and dissemination of information, then blockchain is all about protocols which let us exchange value and truth states.  She grew up visiting family overseas to Damascus, Syria, every year since she was born and with this background in mind, she believes that blockchain technologies that have the power to reshape our global economy into one that is more efficient, equitable, and inclusive for all people irrespective of the country or the local economy they were born into.  Other interests she has are Behavioral Economics, Game Theory, Capital Markets, Data Structures, DApp Engineering, Residential Real-Estate, Cinematography and Philosophy.

Payden Brunton – Director of Research & Development 

Payden is a sophomore studying Interdisciplinary Computing with a concentration in Economics. Payden has a deep understanding of blockchain technology and is continuously learning everyday. Payden wants Lawrence to become the tech hub of the Midwest and he hopes that his role at the institute will give him the vehicle to help drive growth in the local Blockchain space. Payden is currently an Analyst Intern at a VC firm called UVF Crossroads in Kansas City and will be a Data Science Intern at the startup Crypto Slam. 

Emma Nasseri – Director of Marketing

Emma Nasseri is a sophomore studying Computer Science and Visual Arts. She is the Spring 2022 Integrated Arts Research Initiative’s Undergraduate Fellow, working with artists and academics to investigate blockchain technology and creatively analyze the parallels between blockchain and human history. As a software development intern with an insurance company, she has seen the potential blockchain has to transform the insurance industry. Through her experience in tech and the arts, she is excited to see how blockchain will aid in a more accessible and secure future. 

Max Easter – Director of Communications

Max Easter is a senior studying business analytics. Max believes that use cases for blockchain technology are virtually endless, and that with directed effort many of the world’s complicated problems are solvable. Blockchain presents an opportunity to decentralize finance, eliminate fraud, deliver financial freedom, and create opportunities for nations and people with outdated financial, identification, and social systems. Max was introduced to blockchain like so many others, through Bitcoin. After hearing of it in 2016 his interest progressed to blockchain technology and led him to get involved with the KU Blockchain Institute last year.

Adam Jolles – Director of External Operations

Adam Jolles is a sophomore studying Computer Science and Mathematics. Adam believes in the longevity of cryptocurrency and hopes to utilize blockchain technology to create a product or service after college. Adam’s interests include cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and embedded systems.