What is Blockchain?

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Word of February 15, 2021

A hash is a main component of a block in blockchain. Numbers and letters are assigned to a block, similar to a finger print, identifying it as its own set of data. Each block in a chain has a different hash to distinguish it.

Word of February 9, 2021

Blockchain expands beyond just currency; in this example, security tokens offer value comparable to stock. Tokens offer the consumer a chance to buy a “token” or piece of an asset. This can include real estate, art, etc. Normal assets are compiled in a centralized data base, but with blockchain, tokens use a decentralized database. Tokens offer an everyday consumer the chance to own a piece an expensive asset they may not normally own.

Word of February 1, 2021

Blockchain is the word of the tech industry but often we don’t understand the power it holds behind it. By tracing individual blocks that are linked together, we can follow a secure transaction through a linear chain. Founded a little over 10 years ago by Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, the potential uses grew exponentially aside from just cryptocurrency. Currently Sam's Club is implementing blockchain on fresh produce traceability to ensure quality products from the field, to the shelf.