Student Projects

Collaboration with the Spencer Museum of Art

Michael Keleti, Emma Nasseri, Alexis Vielma
This project is executed in collaboration with the Spencer Museum of Art, investigating the social implications of attacks on democracy and the parallels between consensus in computing and privilege in society. The initial goal of this project was to model a 51% attack on an Ethereum Classic testnet to create media for the collaborating artists to manipulate for a public installation to take place in 2023. The focus later developed towards intervening in EIP forums as an examination of social structures and Ethereum.

NFT Gallery

Emma Nasseri, Hannah Smith
This project focuses on the development of a physical gallery for digital art. This gallery will primarily feature student artwork and is set to open in the Spring of 2024.

Website 2.0

Hudson Headley, Emma Nasseri, Payden Brunton
This project focuses on redesigning our website as a fully functional, DAO enabled dApp with Metamask integration and onboarding resources for new members.

NFT Event Ticketing

Max Easter, Tony Czajka, Johnathon Lemons
The goal of this project is to tokenize sports admission tickets, with the potential of expanding to include player artwork and post game stats.


Payden Brunton & Hudson Headley
This project focuses on the creation and management of a DAO to guide the structure of the KU Blockchain Institute. This DAO is primarily for educational purposes rather than governance.

Blockchain in Energy by MeadowBlock

Rhett Phillips, Grant Henry, Parker Ramirez
Small carbon footprints and eco-friendly business models will be a license to operate within the near future. Our team will be focusing on how blockchain based solutions can disrupt the archaic practices of the energy market and provide value to consumers. Topics such as green-token attributes, peer-to-peer energy trading, regulatory compliance, automation of micropayments between prosumers using smart-contracts, and more will be discussed. 

NFT Owner: Johnathon Lemons

Stealth Bomber NFT Fundraiser

Community Lead: Rhett Phillips
Designer: Parker Ramirez
Support the growing blockchain community at the University of Kansas by buying our NFTs! All proceeds will be used to advance the blockchain space at KU. The KU Blockchain Institute has the vision of driving blockchain innovation from the heart of the Midwest. To see the entire collection on OpenSea click the button below.