KU Blockchain Research Initiative Overview

The University of Kansas Blockchain Institute is excited to announce the launch of the KU Blockchain Research Initiative! Our team believes students have the power to change the world by exploring novel ideas grounded in blockchain. KUBI understands it’s our responsibility to establish resources for great minds to grow into the technology visionaries of the future. 

The KU Blockchain Research Initiative will provide students with blockchain learning opportunities, student/faculty mentorship, technical help, a platform to showcase their work, and funding (if needed). From start to finish, our team will work with you to get the resources you need to be successful.

Apply today by filling out an application, submitting your team’s resumes, and unofficial transcript. All needed details are enclosed in the application. 

Downloadable Application (Word Doc)

Application Submission

Submit all documents as a pdf. You need to upload both the application and your resume to be considered for acceptance into the KU Blockchain Research Initiative. 


If you or your team have any questions please contact us. KUBI is happy to address any inquires or concerns.