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Virtual Sam's Club Speaker Event - November 5, 2021

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Olivia Lyons - Senior Merchant - Salads and Refrigerated Vegetables

Cybersecurity Conference - October 18th, 2019

We explored cutting edge use-cases of new technologies that involve digital identity management, supply chain resilience, and the future of digital payments. We educated our audience about digital ecosystems, trustworthy data structures, emerging technologies, and the increasing role cyber-attacks are playing in our global society.

Dr. Dan Conway - Associate Director at the University of Arkansas Blockchain Center of Excellence
Dale Chrystie - Blockchain Strategist and Business Fellow at FedEx, Chairman of the BiTA Standards Council
Praveen Rao - Digital Solutions Executive for IOT, Analytics, and Blockchain at IBM
Dr. Perry Alexander - AT&T Distinguished Professor of EECS, Director of the ITTC at KU
Ethan Puchaty - Chief Cyber Architect of the Military Space Line of Business at Lockheed Martin
Craig DeWitt - Director of Products at Ripple Labs

Digital Finance Conference - April 5th, 2019

We addressed a wide range of emerging technologies, all focused around the digitization of assets. We discussed topics including the creation and tokenization of digital ecosystems, bonded tokens, blockchain-backed private equity markets, micro-payments, and crypto-economics. 

Jesus Flores Rangel - Principal at HACK Fund
Rachael Qualls - CEO and Co-Founder of LIQUIFI and Venture360
Pat Thelen - Vice President of Global Account Management at Ripple
Dr. Felix Meschke - Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Kansas
Wayne Beninger - Chief Operation Officer of Crudefunders
Kevin Daniels - Chief Product Officer of C2FO