Blockchain can be a complex concept to understand, and thus turns away potential innovators and creators. The goal of our Block Talks series to to provide short, informational videos that everyday people can understand. Our team is inspired and driven to educate and elevate the next group of bright entrepreneurs or business professionals in the blockchain space. 

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

In this Block Talk, KUBI’s President, Rhett Phillips and Director of Internal Operations, Grant Henry discuss the basics of NFTs. Additionally, NFT use-cases as well as a short case study are explored. 

What is Blockchain?

In this Block Talk, KUBI’s President Rhett Phillips discuss the basics of blockchain technology and how the network works. For those of you who struggle with wrapping your head around blockchain technology, this is a good starting point. 


In this Block Talk, KUBI President Rhett Phillips discusses the tokenization of assets and how blockchain enables this process. In the future, many asset classes will be democratized due to tokenization allowing everyday individuals to invest. 

Smart Contracts

In this Block Talk, KUBI President Rhett Phillips discusses the application of smart contracts in the real-world. Smart-contracts are a powerful tool that provide trust and ensure the transaction of value on a peer-to-peer basis through a digital contractual obligations. Smart-Contracts are revolutionizing the way humans interact with each other and will be integral to future business operations.